Difference between doula and midwife


Doula and Midwife

One of the questions our team get asked regularly when they announce they are a Maternal Support Practitioner aka doula is: “is that like a midwife?”


Now, if one is rushing to catch a train, they may answer yes, but the truth is, they are very different. A bebo mia a Maternal Support Practitioner (aka doula) is there to offer informational, emotional and physical support during your pregnancy, labour, delivery and postnatal period. The doula does not perform medical exams or procedures on their clients. However, they will be able to discuss results and go through the pros and cons of available treatments or actions.

A doula is the only person that you will consistently see through your pregnancy, labour and delivery and they remain on call for you 24/7!

Imagine, you have a knowledgeable and maternal savvy best friend at your beck and call! Your bebo mia doula is there for you when you or your partner need them. They are there to take care of you, as well as your support person. This allows your partner or spouse the opportunity to take a nap, eat, use the bathroom, time contractions, update the family, be with other children (if you have them), shower, etc. AND you are still being supported during this important time.

Doula does not replace a doctor or midwife…

Rather, they work well together as a team. Your midwife is responsible for the birther and baby’s medical well being, charting, tests, etc. Midwives arrive typically in late active labour (while your doula arrives in late early labour or early active labour), and remain with you until the baby is born. During this time the doula supports the labouring person while the midwife performs procedures, charts, answers her pages, and works out the plan with the secondary on the file for the delivery.

A doula and a midwife make a beautiful team for home and hospital births.

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