Free Birth Plan Worksheet: A Roadmap to a Positive Labor

Download your free birth plan worksheet & checklist here! Very recently we did a photo shoot and it just so happened our hairdresser was pregnant (our favourite kind of person!). She ended up asking us all sorts of questions and we asked her if she had a birth plan. She responded with “My what? I don’t…

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Difference between doula and midwife

difference between doula and midwife

Doula and Midwife One of the questions our team get asked regularly when they announce they are a Maternal Support Practitioner aka doula is: “is that like a midwife?”   Now, if one is rushing to catch a train, they may answer yes, but the truth is, they are very different. A bebo mia a…

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Hypnobirthing, Hypnotherapy during childbirth

[youtube id=”PypSGvDOlME” autoplay=”yes”] Hypnobirthing or Hypnotherapy is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education, enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques. This allows women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing.

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