A guide for birthworkers: Supporting families with multiples

guide for birthworkers
michelle cruzWritten by Michelle Cruz

Supporting families with multiples: a guide for birthworkers

When working with a client first and foremost we need to provide judgment free support. Often with a multiples birth, there could be many things to heal from. The time spent with them in the postpartum period could be spent doing many things. Be a listening ear to them and be flexible to plans that could change in a moment. 


Daytime support: 

Determine what has transpired since you last arrived. How was the sleep for parent and baby? Inquire about mood, mental health, and physical health. If the primary parent has not bathed, eaten, or rested,  see to that first. Is there anything coming up that needs to be prepared like pump parts, formula, baby clothes, cloth diapers? 


The daytime support is needed to set up the success of the night. As wild as it seems sometimes the daytime support may even be just a conversation and supporting the primary parent as they feed babies and settle in. 


Overnight Support: 

The first setup is the same as daytime but with a switch to be more sensitive to overnight care. Hormones rage at night and the most sensitive emotions can surface so easily. (I know about this way better than I wish). Checking in on what can be supported overnight to make way for another day in the light. 


The overnight support is special and allows space for the parents to connect as partners.  Especially if there is a level of anxiety or frustration for them, this time is invaluable. The relief that there is a focused, knowledgeable and kind person caring for their littles is a load of stress off their shoulders. Even sometimes an overnight doula might have to support in settling older children in need of their parents or even redirecting a well-meaning pet wanting a midnight cuddle. 


For Parents and Birthworkers: 

Working with twins, multiples, and more can be so much fun and so much work. Take it easy as the days go on. Flexibility and patience are the true way to keep up with two or more babies that quickly turn into toddlers. 


There is so much more to be said about multiples and more! Postpartum is a challenge and you are always postpartum even after the years pass. Finding your core team of loving supporters is the best basis for starting off into parenthood. Everyone at bebo mia adores this portion of life in its tender moments as everyone is adjusting to life in a new stage. Love, kindness, and patience are always helpful when working with multiples and to yourself as a multiple parent.

If anyone reading this needs support or wants to know how to work with multiples, use the [email protected] email to contact us and get you the help you need. 

You can also look forward to our workshop coming up on March 31st, 2022 on Surviving the First 12 Weeks of Postpartum with the Two Came True, a pair of parents that are supporting the world over for parents of multiples!

Supporting families with multiples: a guide for birthworkers


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