Thankful: A story of gratitude from bebo mia’s sleep expert


 I have to share my story with you, and how proud and thankful I am to be joining the bebo mia team as their Wellness Coach and Sleep Expert.  It truly feels like I’m “paying it forward”, as this level of support just wasn’t there for me when my son was first born.


I’ve always known my calling in a vague sort of way.


I knew that the most important thing to me was my own family, and if I could somehow reach other families, how rewarding that would be.


I’ve known for as long as I can remember that good health and happiness are achieved through proper nutrition and exercise, as well as spiritual and emotional growth.


I have a heart that sees the good in everyone, that thrives on helping others pursue their dreams, goals, and even small pleasures of day to day life.


I am fascinated with psychology from all angles and while dreaming of one day getting a degree in psychology, I have studied wellness coaching, emotional intelligence, and human resource management.


So how did I marry all of these interests into a fulfilling career?  My husband (long before he was my husband) once gave me this great advice: “take care of your passions, and your passions will take care of you”.


Now, I am a stay at home mom, I am also a working mom, and I balance the two because they are my passions. With any spare time I might have, I volunteer with Attachment Parenting International and run a local support group for new families, because that too is my passion.  I refuse to say, “I’m busy”. We all have the same amount of hours in the day, and I know many who are doing even more with their time.  I am certainly GRATEFUL to have these opportunities, and it is from the place of gratitude that abundance appears.  When we perpetuate a frazzled mindset by repeating how busy we are, we are putting up a wall that refuses to let anything else in, even great opportunities.


My call to action is this:  make a list of everything you are grateful for, and try to get to 50.  Then begin each day by re-reading your list, and operate each day from a perspective of abundance rather than “busy”.  Lastly, remember to take care of your passions, and I promise they will take good care of you.


I received the following testimonial from a client, who I gave a free consultation to.  She did not need my full services, just a coaching conversation, and I expected nothing in return.  Referrals and inquiries are coming my way in true abundance, as I believe so wholeheartedly in the services I am sharing.


“I just wanted to drop a line talking about how wonderful my experience was with you, and how much you helped me recently.  When my usually “perfect” sleeper decided that bed time would be 10pm instead of 7:30 I started considering “cry it out”. After all, most of my friends have done it…and they seemed to be getting lots of sleep. Since I had gone back to work, I also felt the pressure to have baby free work time in the evening so trust me, baby and I were both feeling the stress.

When you took time out of your busy schedule to talk to me for over an hour, not only did you make me feel cared for and supported, but you never made me feel silly about all the questions I had.  I felt like your advice came from a place of understanding.  I loved that you let me feel relaxed and empowered, rather than giving me a list of things to do.  I truly felt like being happy, relaxed, and “normal” was just what I needed, and to remember to be patient, and wait for my baby to ease back into her bedtime routine.  

It took less than a week for her to go back into her normal rest pattern, and to be honest the extra cuddles were kind of nice while they lasted.  Thanks again for all of your knowledge and support, and for making me feel like I am doing a good job, I really appreciate it!


Where did I start my journey to this place of abundance?  As a sleep-deprived mom, just like many of you. Where did I end up?  With integrity, positivity, and love, I reached my calling.  Thank you.


Sleep expert Brandie Hadfield is a Wellness Coach certified through Dr. Sears and is accredited through Attachment Parenting International.  




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