Scholarship Winner: A mama changing support in Ireland for new moms!


April Ross Doula

Meet April – An American in Ireland who wants to support the isolated new moms in her community!

I am an American, born & raised in Chehalis, WA, USA, now based in Cork, Ireland.  I’ve a loving, supportive husband, a wonderful and ever changing 16 month old daughter and my second due at the end of June this year. To say my life has changed is an understatement!

My journey really started when I committed myself to becoming a Dancing for Birth™ Instructor and took the training in Colorado in April 2015. I’ve no doula or birth professional experience other than having gone through the birth of my own daughter. The knowledge and support during the training was amazing and there was so much I wished I had known!!! So I’ve fully committed myself to educating and empowering the women of my classes by creating a space were they feel comfortable sharing experiences and knowledge. To expand on my growing knowledge I was delighted to been told about Bebo Mia’s Doula Prep School by another DFB Instructor. I was so impressed with their presentation of information I decided to dive a little deeper and was delighted to see they offer an online doula training. I liked the fact that the training was for both birth and post-partum doulas. I could apply so much to my current business and start moving into the direction of being a post-partum doula. This would be perfect for me!

I’m decided to give the scholarship a go, cause well, why not!!! I’d some time to spare and am so delighted I did. Helping women have a positive birthing experience is something I strive to achieve. Having had one myself, it helped set a positive foundation for the nurturing relationship I have with my own child. But, it wasn’t enough. I like so many other women in my area, we lack the opportunity to have continued support after the birth. At a time when it’s crucial for infant/mother bonding we are sent home with handbooks and leaflets instead of an actual help to help! I want to help change that, especially in rural Ireland where it’s so very easy to become isolated. It wouldn’t matter if it was just to make a cup of tea, do a load of laundry, hold the baby so mom could shower, or most importantly to hold a hand and listen to their story and to tell them they are doing everything perfect! All of those things was something I had desperately wanted and needed, but my pride kept me from asking. I had become second fiddle to how the baby was doing, but no one seemed to care how I was mentally or emotionally. I see a lot of women struggle with this societal pressure and that is why I’m so excited to be enrolled in Bebo Mia’s online birth and post-partum doula training for the Spring of 2016. I am excited to expand my knowledge so I’m able to share and apply it with so many women I come across. I have been wanting to expand my dancing for birth training with a doula training and can’t believe it’s really happening!




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