Push Presents – What’s this all about?

Push Presents

Erin Tracy Designs

Tradition of Push Presents:

What is the deal with push presents (or gash gifts – for those who have had a surgical birth)? The tradition of gift-giving to mothers after they have their baby(ies) has roots in parts of Asia and Europe, but has gained in popularity in North America in the last 20 years. The term ‘push present’ was first used in 1992 in the U.S. and
spread like wildfire since.

Some people feel that the post-birth gift is given due to the guilt that men feel, because the women they love had to go through the 9 months of pregnancy, sickness, and changes to their bodies, not to mention the emotionally and physically challenging experiences of childbirth. Others had a more positive view of the gift; it came from the awe and gratitude of witnessing the awesome experience of childbirth and the power they saw in the women they loved during the birth. bebo mia likes the idea of the latter. We love to think that these gifts, according to the 2007 survey by BabyCenter, that 38% of women get, come from a play of love and admiration, rather than guilt.

Seeing as there are no guidelines around what kinds of gifts to give, we thought we
would help you
out with a couple ideas:

Erin Tracy Designs, located out of Liberty Village, has exclusive, simple and elegant jewellery that
cannot be found anywhere else. They do beautiful custom work and the materials used are unique
and Japanese inspired. You can find jewellery made from concrete, gold, silver, diamonds, coral,
acrylic and wood. The pieces are worth a visit through the website or a trip to the studio –
Erin Tracy Designs have something for any budget! Our favourite? – the Fira Dome Ring.
Call or email to book an appointment (416.220.6508 or [email protected]).

You want another idea? Try a postpartum doula or night nurse. Help your partner smile after finally allowing them to enjoy a full night’s rest. See a happier mom after a day full of napping, good food, baby support and a bath, after being taken care of by a fabulous doula.
Search our directory to book a push present/gash gift she will remember!

Happy Birthing!




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