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Where the heck does the time go?

Does this sound familiar?

You get 1 hour of hands free time while your little one is napping or after your out-of-the-home-job before you start dinner. So, you open your laptop and go right to your email. No new consult requests. So, you go over to your social media, nothing… except 38 minutes of distraction. Next, you go back to your email and remember a ‘few things you have to do’ like RSVP to a party coming up. Which reminds you that you need to order the gift for that so you head over to Amazon – which eats up the last precious minutes of your hour. 

Nothing to grow or connect with potential clients happened in those 60 minutes.

And if that time is all you have for business growth, you are the very, very, very slow train to a sustainable and stable business. 

We want to help! And we want to do it in bite sized chunks so that you can do these in your free 15 min slots that you have in your week. 

First we want you to understand how these 15 minute tasks will directly gain you more doula clients.

The Power of Networking in Business Growth

One crucial lesson we’ve learned is the undeniable power of networking. Did you know our annual revenue plummeted by 40% when we took a networking hiatus for a year? It’s clear: the more people know about you and your business, the better.

That’s why we’re here to share a practical, achievable plan to expand your network and business. This is something we emphasize in the early weeks of our doula training, enabling our students to start this journey during their 4-month program with us. And if you’re a seasoned business owner, these strategies will come even more naturally to you.

Navigating the Traps of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Let’s talk about some common traps:

The Social Media Trap

It’s easy to fall into the cycle of seeking engagement on social media, where conversion rates are often disappointingly low. It’s important to maintain a channel with up-to-date and interesting content, but remember, high follower counts don’t always translate to bookings.

The Unboundaried Schedule Trap

As entrepreneurs, self-governance is key, yet we’re often unprepared for this aspect of the journey. Balancing entrepreneurial tasks with unpaid care work requires skill and planning.

The Experience and Time Management Trap

Lack of experience and poorly managed time blocks can also hinder your growth. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a plan to tackle these issues.

A Weekly Task Breakdown for Success

Here’s a breakdown of weekly tasks to help streamline your efforts:

  • 15 mins – Research and Network: Follow 10 new channels daily in your target market. Look for potential collaboration opportunities and gaps in their messaging. Also, make sure that they are in your geographical community. These will be folks that you will be sending your clients to. 
  • 15 mins – Engage and Connect: Comment on and share posts from these channels. Send DMs to express your thoughts about their work or products and ask questions. We want them to remember you!
  • 15 mins – Brainstorm Collaborations: Think of 5 collaboration ideas. Could it be blogs, contests, Instagram Lives, special offers, free talks at their shop or studio or vice versa, or even a diaper drive?
  • 15 mins – Use Templates: Create templates for responses to make engagement easier. Remember, the response rate might be low, but persistence is key.
  • 15 mins – Local Business Outreach: Visit local businesses. Interview them to ensure they align with your values and can offer safety and inclusivity for your clients. Ask them questions to ensure your clients will be celebrated in their shops, care or with their services. You are the protector of your clients, so this can feel easier to initiate conversations. Example. If you serve plus-sized parents, go into the local maternity store and ask them about their size ranges and ensure their models are inclusive and the images celebrate all bodies. 
  • 15 mins – Continued Networking: Keep looking for new folks to connect with, as your other connections do have a life cycle.  It is also a good idea to attend open houses, meet-ups, and town halls. When you go, introduce yourself and follow up with the people to meet there. 
  • BONUS: Community Involvement: Volunteer at events like baby shows or free parenting meetups. Your goal is to make connections, not direct promotion. This will add jet fuel to your business. 

Embracing the Process

At bebo mia, we understand the challenges new doulas face, such as feeling insecure or thinking that you are too small to go talk to bigger businesses. You are going to build a resourceful black book for clients. Your doula clients will ask you for recommendations all the time, so you will need to be ready with resources for them. That is the goal of this AND at the same time, they will get to know you and send clients your way. 

Remember, networking and building connections is a continuous process. It’s about nurturing new relationships while understanding that some may fade.

Slow and steady are going to be your words to remember. Integrating these tasks into your weekly routine will support you in effectively growing your business and network. We at bebo mia are committed to supporting you on this journey. Remember, we’re just a message away for that extra bit of guidance you might need.

Join our doula community and start shaping the future of your business today!


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