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Are you getting excited about the upcoming Maternal* Support Practitioner (Doula) Training?!  We are, too – and we are extra excited about our scholarship program! Did you know that we ensure that our whole team reads all of the applications submitted? For the upcoming application process,  we will be keeping an eye out for submissions that match the spirit of the bebo mia community.  Want to know more about how to write a winning application? Read on to learn all about this session’s awards! 

By: Vanessa Hawke & Leah Micallef

The Olivia Scobie Perinatal Mental Health AwardThis award recognizes an applicant whose personal goals, business practice, or project is centered around perinatal mental health and the impact of mood disorders in the postpartum period. The recipient will understand the impact of trauma and the importance of perinatal mental health in the field of birth work. They will recognize the need for offering support, services and business practices that meet the mental health needs of all families during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

 The Power in Community Award

The Power in Community Award recognizes a BIPOC/2SLGBTQIA+ applicant whose project idea or business plan works to dismantle the impact of structural oppressions in reproductive health, birth, parenting and early family life.  The recipient will position their unique understanding of the interconnected nature of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability and class to create opportunities that directly challenge these oppressive forces. By working directly with people whose lives are impacted by these destructive forces, the recipient’s contributions will increase access to opportunities for individual empowerment and a community sense of justice.

The bebo mia Be Brave Award

The bebo mia Be Brave Award recognizes an applicant whose lived experience has afforded them a deeper understanding of their worth and potential. The recipient will demonstrate this connection through their resilience of spirit, positive attitude, and willingness to meet challenges head-on.  Their business plan and personal goals reflects the spirit of bebo mia’s mission: to connect women** to their intrinsic value and power through excellent, evidence based doula care, prenatal and/or childbirth education.

The Change-Maker Award

The Change-Maker Award recognizes an applicant whose project idea or business plan reflects ingenuity, inventive solutions and creativity that sets them apart from their peers. The recipient will be an out-of-the-box thinker whose ideas challenge the status quo and will aim to change birthing outcomes through new and different ideas.

 The Birth Justice Award

The Birth Justice Award recognizes an applicant whose project idea or business plan works to dismantle structured inequality and challenge the lack of consent and violence that is commonplace in reproductive health and obstetrics.  The recipient understands that the experience of violence and trauma greatly influences early family life and parenting experiences.  The recipient seeks to create change by advocating for choice, informed consent and improving the outcomes for individuals and communities with whom they engage.  

The Fertility Companioning Award

The Fertility Companioning Award recognizes an applicant whose project idea or business plan establishes an avenue through which to bear witness and support people experiencing struggles with fertility and loss. The recipient will offer their companionship to those trying to conceive through solidarity and personal emotional support during the hardships and the pain of the in/fertility journey, while also sharing information and resources to strengthen resilience, health and mental and emotional wellness during a very difficult and taxing time of life.  

The Philanthropy Award 

The Philanthropy Award recognizes an applicant whose project, personal goals, or business plan includes a component of paying it forward. The recipient will demonstrate a spirit of altruism and exhibit a dedication to generosity, and will have a solid plan around how they will use their doula training to give back to their local community or to underserved populations.

People pointing at a computer screen.The #bebobabes couldn’t be more proud and excited to be working alongside the newly formed Scholarship Committee!  Our group of committed team members are student-centered and compassionate and are 100% dedicated to the responsibility of reviewing each and every scholarship application our community forwards to us with integrity and respect. We are committed to offering each application the full consideration that the person who wrote it deserves.

Want to learn about some of our past scholarship recipients? You can check out some of the winners on our blog if you search the term ‘scholarship‘.

Want to apply for the scholarship?  Click HERE

The deadline for application submissions is Sunday, February 17th, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST.

Scholarship Winners will be announced Wednesday, March 6th, 2019.

We are also accepting sponsors for our scholarships! Want to help create the possibility for continuing education and a career for a low income woman? Read more about our sponsorship opportunities here. You can also help by contributing to our Community Scholarship! Click here for more details and to donate – bebo mia matches donations dollar for dollar so your contribution will go even further!

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*bebo mia defines ‘maternal’ as ‘protective, nurturing and caring’ and includes all people who are growing their families.

**bebo mia defines ‘women’ as women-identified, femme-presenting, two-spirited, genderqueer, trans-inclusive, gender-non-conforming, androgynous, agender, intersex, bigender, gender questioning, gender fluid, butch, non-binary, queer positive or any person that would like to be included in this definition.





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