Dyvonne London — The Philanthropy Award — Doula Training Scholarship Winner September 2022



Written by Dyvonne London – Training Scholarship Winner


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Dyvonne London – The Philanthropy Award Doula Training Scholarship Winner September 2022


Hey hey! My name is Dyvonne London. I reside in Memphis, TN, born and raised in Chicago, IL. I am a wife and mother to 2 wonderful toddlers. 

Being a recipient to the Philanthropy scholarship allows for me to be able to service the families in my community, while also encouraging more birthing parents to have the birth of their choice. Bebo Mia offers one of the most comprehensive programs I’ve seen. I’ve already learned so much through the classes so far! It’s really eye opening to to really dive deep into what birth working looks like on different levels. 

Bebo Mia also offers a diverse community, which is really important to me. I really wanted to learn about what birth work looks like and means to different people and culture with Training Scholarships. Becoming a birth worker has been a goal of mines for a while now. Before knowing birth workers exist, I had educated myself through research for my own birth and breastfeeding experience. Afterwards, I was able to educate and assist a few friends and family members during their pregnancies and postpartum experiences.

I didn’t know what a birth worker was until having my second child in 2021 when I was introduced to an organization locally in Memphis called Birth Strides. I was partnered with a local doula Training Scholarship at no cost! My doula Kaila was amazing! She educated me even further, helped every way during my birth, and supported me whole heartedly during my postpartum period. She, along with my husband and midwife, encouraged me to start the process to become a doula. I already had the passion to help other mothers, but being able to train and certify with an organization would allow for me to reach other mothers on a whole new level! 

I plan on certifying and working with Birth Strides to help other minority, low income families receive services that they would usually not be able to afford or really even know about. In addition, I will also offer affordable services and free lactation support groups and childbirth education classes for the community. I hope to be able to improve birth outcomes, educate those in my community and surrounding communities, and hopefully inspire other people to follow their passion within birth work!




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