Recovering from Complex PTSD: Student Edition Healing in Community

healing from cptsd

  This week Bianca is joined by two of our incredible alumni: Vicky Cadot and DeZarayé Manning. Both Vicky and DeZarayé share their passion for birth, healing and body autonomy. Vicky,  recovering from Complex PTSD (Postraumatic Stress Disorder). She was suffering religious and sexual abuse. After suffering a panic attack while caring for her children,…

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dear cycle breakers, I see you

Written by Meg Kant dear cycle breakers, I see you (I want to do a huge shoutout to jesmartini who gave me the inspiration for this blog!) Dear Cycle Breakers, If you are disrupting patterns and behaviours that are not serving you or your family, this blog is for you.  Being the one to break…

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Business breakdown: Burnout Don’t do what I did

business breakdown

Written by Meg Kant Don’t do what I did – my business breakdown + burnout Managing Anxiety and Shifting Focus: From Eating Disorder to Entrepreneurship In last week’s weight loss I shared my experience with having an eating disorder for a significant period of my life. As mentioned in that blog, I used dieting, obsessive…

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Eating disorder: The broken promises of weight loss

Written by Meg Kant Content Warning: Discussion of Eating Disorder The broken promises of weight loss I suffered from an eating disorder for almost a decade. It was one of the most difficult times in my life, when I felt alone, confused, discouraged and flooded with anxiety. In this blog I will be talking about…

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I am most proud of things that you cannot see

Written by Meg Kant If you would rather listen to me read this blog, click here Content Warning: Discussion of weight loss I am most proud of things that you cannot see   Years ago during a job interview, I was asked what my two biggest accomplishments were. At the time, I had recently graduated…

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