Recover, Reshape & Reinvent your Health after Birth

Recovering After Birth with Essential Oils Whether you are a new mom and have just giving birth to your first baby, or you are celebrating the birth of your second, third or 15th, one thing that is always on the recently post-delivery moms mind (beside that whole “caring for another human being thing”) is how…

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Let’s Get It On: Aromatherapy for the Bedroom

Getting Ready for Vday with Aromatherapy With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, no doubt many of you are gearing up to plan the perfect date night. If you’re a parent, this might look something like a Jedi knight willing your children to sleep then morphing into Harry Potter, throwing on your cloak of invisibility and hightailing it…

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Gender is a Spectrum

I want to talk about gender, I hope you do too. It has become a topic of interest to many people, often parents. It is worth talking about, especially as so much new information is becoming available to us. Before getting into the nitty gritty of it all, it is important to point out that…

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