Velvet Fuller Black Women Birthing Justice Scholarship Winner Spring 2020




My name is Velvet, I’m a 25 year old mother of three adorable kids. I’m from Louisiana. I love music and being creative through arts and crafts. I like to do lots of family activities because I am on mommy duties 24/7 lol. I’m passionate about helping others and achieving all my goals along the way .


I wanted this bebo mia scholarship to be able to receive the necessary training to start my work in helping parents of all types. I am so blessed to be one of the chosen scholarship winners. I researched many doula training classes and most of them really didn’t seem like they were designed to really teach you what you needed to dive into your career. I almost signed up for a three day course until i read the reviews online which made me go “nevermind”. I found a video on bebo mia and loved the values and the fact that is was started by actual women like me who want to make a change .


I want to be a doula so that I can can make a change in my community for young parents . I want to be able to comfort and support people of color who may need it mentally or physically. After the training I plan on diving in with starting my birthing services I also want one of my main focuses to be on breastfeeding . I’m so excited !

– Velvet Fuller




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