Doula Certification Transfer

DOULA CERTIFICATION TRANSFER CLick Here for support No more fees to keep your certification – We take care of it all! S tart day  September 19, 2024 The only doula training with no hidden fees How does it work? Are you tired of paying to keep your certification?! CEUs, memberships, re-cert fees, listing fees, admin…

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Doula Training: Maternal Support Practitioner

Doula Training

DOULA TRAINING SIGN UP HERE To become a doula Finally, achieve your dream of becoming a DOULA in only 3 hours per week… without compromising on quality. We show you how to get clients! S tart day  September 19, 2024 The only doula training with no hidden fees – make $50K+ as a doula Doula…

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Doula Tools and Doula Business Organizational Technology

  Before you jump in and invest time or money with new programs and organizational doula tools, take a moment and see if you really need one. If you decide you do need one, this will help you decide what one to get! You may or may not know that all of our courses come…

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Business breakdown: Burnout Don’t do what I did

business breakdown

Written by Meg Kant Don’t do what I did – my business breakdown + burnout Managing Anxiety and Shifting Focus: From Eating Disorder to Entrepreneurship In last week’s weight loss I shared my experience with having an eating disorder for a significant period of my life. As mentioned in that blog, I used dieting, obsessive…

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