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You care deeply about your clients and are a fierce protector of their space. You have very developed critical analysis skills, and have strong communication abilities. Your clients feel safe, seen and supported with you. Intuition plays a large role in your work, and you trust yourself and your clients whole heartedly. You are not afraid to step in when needed in service of your clients. People might say that you feel with your whole heart, and that heart is what has driven you to this work.

Want more info on Birth Work?!

FREE DOULA webinar

Can your fire for birth and babies fuel change?

Hell ya, it can!


what will I learn?

In this webinar we will talk about

  • How your fire for birth and babies can fuel change in your community!
  • Why you feel called to birth work (spoiler: it's because the world needs you)
  • The different kinds of birth work (fertility, birth, postpartum, loss etc.)
  • How to birth work can financially support you as well as support your community!


Plus so much more!

  • How to get started on following your passion
  • The importance of informed consent (not just for birth work, but for all areas of your life)
  • The 3 things you need to run a successful doula business
  • Plus we will fill you in all about our Maternal Support Practitioner Training aka doula training, and give you an idea of what learning with bebo mia is like!

Here's how the webinar

will work...
Enter your name and email into the registration below to sign up! Once you have registered for the webinar you will get an email with the link to join.

The webinar is around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The webinar is REALLY fun, truly. We will spend time talking about birth work, what it is like to support folks through fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

This is an opportunity to connect with professionals in the field and get answers to those burning questions you might have, such as....

  • How do I even get started?
  • Can I make a living doing birth work?
  • How do you find clients?
  • What if I have never given birth myself? Can I still be a birth worker? (YES!)

These are just some of the questions we get during this webinar, and we can't wait to answer yours too!


We never want you to feel alone

We never want you to feel alone in your birth worker journey. We want you to feel confident, supported, and celebrated every step of the way.

Support is crucial as a birth worker + entrepreneur, and we are dedicated to supporting you, as you do the incredible work of supporting birthers + parents.



Have any questions? Need any help?! We'd love to know so we can make sure we get that need met for you. Email us at and we'd be super thrilled to hear from you and will get back to you right away.