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You care deeply about your clients and are a fierce protector of their space. You have very developed critical analysis skills, and have strong communication abilities. Your clients feel safe, seen and supported with you. Intuition plays a large role in your work, and you trust yourself and your clients whole heartedly. You are not afraid to step in when needed in service of your clients. People might say that you feel with your whole heart, and that heart is what has driven you to this work.

Turn your love of babies and bellies into cash Doula Webinar 1



If you love babies and bellies and want to provide care and support to families, this webinar is the right place for you! 


Get answers to the questions that haunt your mind:

  • How to be the voice you wish had had at your birth
  • How babies and families can be supported by birth workers
  • The different kinds of birth work: birth, postpartum, loss etc.
  • The importance of informed consent


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