How to pay for your doula training?


I want to be a Doula

We know that you want to be a doula but you are thinking about how to pay for your doula training.


You have been hanging out on doula training sales pages. You are watching birth videos. You are revisiting your pregnancy book. You recently happened to meet a new doula at the park while your kids are playing… the universe is hammering at you with this birthwork business. 

Annnnd the next words out of your mouth are…. “I cannot afford it” 

These are 4 words that we want to see you erase from your vocabulary.

“I can’t afford it.”


We bet they feel really bad to say too. And you probably say it all. The. Time. 

“I can’t afford it” sounds like defeat. 

Well, what do you say instead? 

Try this on:

“I want xyz because abc. I don’t have the funds available right this second. However, I can generate the money I need. I need x dollars and here is how I’m going to get it…”

Next task… come up with a get cash quick list. 

What to Do if You Can’t Afford a Doula Training

pay for your doula training

We will kick it off for you:

  1. Offer babysitting services. Even better, offer it to on-call workers like doulas so you can get to know your new community! Doulas are ALWAYS looking for great last minute care. 
  2. Hit up all the friends, family or clients that owe you money. Get that cash!
  3. Get your Poshmark or Facebook Marketplace listings up for items you are not using about the house… or do an IRL garage sale. Bonus? Your space gets decluttered while you make some extra cash!
  4. Rent a room in your house or storage space in your garage. There are always folks looking. 
  5. Good at Canva? Offer your services to local small businesses!
  6. Increase your line of credit or credit limit to invest back into your business (it will pay off 10 fold). 
  7. Get hired before your training! Ask people who trust you already in their early pregnancy and have their fees cover your training cost.

Now it is your turn to brainstorm. Keep going until you get to 20 possible ways to make cash quick. We made a cheat sheet to help you… we are good like that!

Another question to explore: “Can I generate a portion now and figure out the rest later?” Make a partial deposit and come up with the rest in the future. Trust that if you can make more money one time, then you can do it again—on demand. We have payment plans so that you can make this happen! This is how you can pay for your doula training… We cannot wait to have you.

This teaches creativity and keeps you in positive flow. We want to use language and commit to actions that move us forward rather than yuck our yum. 

This shift is life changing and we remind you just how powerful you are. 

Can you afford your doula training? If you want it, get it. 

Jump in with your spot now in the bebo mia doula training to have your business be the revenue generator that it can be! 

Now, get what you want, the world is yours! 

We would love to hear how you made it happen! Share in the comments below or in the private group when the programs… be the inspiration for getting sh*t done!!



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