My Birth Plan – Better late than never!


My birth plan

Heather & Ken Jones – My Birth Plan for Number Two!


People attending the birth (*potentially)

– Ken: partner

– *Caimen: son

– *Beverly: Heather’s mom (there for Caimen or to take him away if he/I want)

– Natasha Marchand: doula (Bianca Sprague is my secondary doula)

– Christie Kavaratzis: primary midwife

– Jennifer Gardiner: secondary midwife

– Jae Steele: student midwife

– *Carrie Duncan: birth photographer

We are planning a home water birth 🙂 In general, our goal is to have the most natural birth possible, limiting all unnecessary interventions.

We will be filling the tub with salt water.

I am comfortable going ‘post dates’, and strongly wish to avoid an induction even after 42 weeks unless there is strong medical reason(s) to induce.

If an induction is medically necessary, I wish to start with the most natural means possible (homeopathics, stretch and sweep, etc.) and only progressing to more invasive strategies if necessary.

I wish to limit the number of vaginal exams to one upon arrival of the midwives, and only after that if I feel it is necessary, there is a medical reason, or until I feel the urge to push.

I would like to push instinctively and slowly to avoid a pushing stage that is too quick for my body to adapt and stretch to.

I would love to catch my own baby! If everything is going smoothly and I am comfortable at the time, I want to guide my baby out without assistance.

I wish to keep the baby attached to the umbilical cord until the placenta is delivered (if the cord is long enough), then Ken would like to cut the umbilical cord.

Ken will announce the sex of the baby 🙂

I would like to deliver the placenta naturally avoiding cord traction and active management. I am open to uterine massage and breastfeeding/skin to skin/nipple stimulation as techniques to encourage the placenta to be delivered.

I do not want a pitocin injection to aid with the delivery of the placenta.

I am keeping my placenta for encapsulation.

I would like to do skin to skin with the baby right away for as long as possible. The vitamin K injection can be done while the baby is on me when we have had some time to settle down and connect.

I do not want erythromycin for my baby.

If my birth is taking a turn away from my birth plan, I would like time to discuss options with my whole team (midwives, Ken, Natasha/Bianca).

If I end up in the hospital for an induction/epidural/cesarean, I wish for my whole team to remain with me (not have to leave the room) and not be asked to leave.

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