Desiree Vanderloop – Childbirth Education: MSP Spring 2019 Scholarship Winner


Childbirth Education Award winner Desiree Vanderloop


For the Spring 2019 Doula  Maternal Support Practitioner Program Scholarship at bebo mia inc we had some amazing applicants and are thrilled to present our winners’ submissions. With the help of some incredible sponsors like Olivia Scobie & community partners, we were able to offer 8  full Scholarships and 8 partial Scholarships to our combined fertility, birth and postpartum doula training    – all hand-selected by our very own  Scholarship Committee!


We are pleased to announce Desiree Vanderloop as the winner of the Spring 2019 Child Education Award. The recipient is someone who is passionate about providing excellent prenatal education in conjunction with their doula practice. Their business plan or idea will demonstrate an understanding that inclusive education is the foundation of any social movement, that evidence-based childbirth education is vital to improving birth outcomes, and will either have an existing background in childbirth education or a solid plan to implement it in their practice in the future.



I’m really excited to embark on this new journey! So, my name is Desiree Vanderloop and I currently live in Ellicott City, MD (about 20-25 minutes outside of Baltimore). I am a mother of a beautiful nine-year-old daughter named Leila, who is just as curious and inquisitive about the world as I am. She’s really been much of my inspiration to not only work on my own self-care but to help other women. I’m originally from Ann Arbor, MI, where I lived the majority of my life. It’s a suburban, college-town that’s fairly diverse due to the proximity of the University of Michigan (U of M). In addition to being one of the top universities in the world, U of M is also nationally recognized for its medical facilities and healthcare providers. Since I was young, I’ve always known I wanted to work in medicine and that I wanted to help people. I spent a lot of time volunteering in several specialties at U of M getting my feet wet but still couldn’t put my finger on where I fit in.


To say, “I want to help people”, can mean an infinite number of things. I tried multiple avenues of the last few years as an EMT, Healthcare Administration and even ventured into construction for a moment. I was really searching! I wanted a lifestyle career that I could incorporate culture with holistic wellness and make an impact within the community. After doing a lot of research, I became extremely interested in maternal and children’s health. I became even more interested in learning the practices of utilizing doulas and correlating greater birth outcomes and experiences. I had decided that I wanted to work on becoming certified as a doula.


One night, I was scrolling through Facebook after already previously searching for doula certification and training programs and I came across an ad for a marketing webinar for doulas by bebo mia. FREE?! I rarely pass on free learning opportunities, so it certainly sparked my curiosity. I registered for the course and popped online the next day when it started. I was completely blown away by Bianca and Natasha’s passion as doulas and business mentors. I learned so much information from that one webinar, I quickly subscribed and registered for the next one. I’ve been a follower ever since! What I love most about bebo mia is the sense of inclusive community, learning engagement and “doulahood”. 


I applied for a scholarship for the Maternal Support Practitioner Training Program because I really wanted to learn from bebo mia specifically. I admired the curriculum and a variety of learning options to prepare to be the best practitioner that I can be. I’m truly honoured to be a recipient and I intend to pay it forward in the future.


Quote saying "I want women like me to thrive positively and take control of their womb wellness"

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I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) back in the year 2012 after experiencing a miscarriage. Initially, I didn’t really understand what my diagnosis meant and how it could affect me. But it did make me think about why. Why didn’t I know anything about PCOS? Back in middle school and high school, we learned about sexual intercourse, STDs and general health but I don’t recall ever learning about reproductive health as it pertains to the womb (uterus) and fertility. There is so much emphasis on preventing teenage pregnancy and practicing safe sex that we miss out on a huge learning opportunity to know more about our bodies. Perhaps I would have become more serious about my health if I would have been diagnosed with PCOS at that point in time. Much of my experience with the traumatizing cesarean I experienced giving birth to my daughter at a military hospital and my PCOS diagnosis encouraged me to become a doula. I want to help women* learn about their bodies and how to take care of them. 


My plan after completion of the MSP Training Program is to launch my blog and non-profit organization that is devoted to providing medical services and healthcare resources to women of colour within inner cities. I want to focus on addressing racism within the healthcare systems that are affecting women and children of colour. Who, as a result, are the highest demographics to experience birth-related injuries and mortalities. As a woman who also lives with PCOS, I want women* like me to thrive positively and take control of their womb wellness. In addition to working as a doula, my aspirations are to attend medical school and specialize in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. 


I look forward to learning from bebo mia and connecting with other members!


*bebo mia uses the term ‘women’ in our mission and throughout our values work. We define women as women-identified, femme-presenting, two-spirited, genderqueer, trans-inclusive, gender-non-conforming, androgynous, agender, intersex, bigender, gender questioning, gender fluid, butch, non-binary, queer-positive or any person that would like to be included in this definition


AUGUST 25TH, 2019 AT 11:59 PM PST.

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