Dea Vosberg – The Birth Justice Award (Runner Up) – Doula Training Scholarship Winner September 2022


Dea Vosberg – The Birth Justice Award (Runner Up) Doula Training Scholarship Winner September 2022

Written by Dea Gibson


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Hi! My name is Dea Vosberg (pronounced Dee). I am a Stay-at-Home, Homeschooling mama to 8 and 2 year old boys. My husband Andy and I have been married for 20 years and have lived all over the PNW; we currently live in a small community  in the Eastern part of the state of Washington.

Due to many circumstances in my life I am just now really discovering who I am, what’s important to me, and what gifts I have to offer the world-on the brink of 40. One of those gifts is my love and ability for helping others. I hadn’t before thought of birthwork as a potential outlet for that gift until my younger sister began working as one a few years ago. Life for my sister has rarely been easy but through her time with Bebo Mia and subsequently as a birthworker, I have seen her blossom into the beautiful human she was always meant to be.

Over the last two years she has really encouraged me to look into birthwork and Bebo Mia specifically, as I would talk to her about my life and the path I was hoping to make myself. When she once again reminded me of the scholarship opening this year, I decided it was time to jump in feet first. I was blown away immediately by the community that is Bebo Mia. I was for once in my “work life”, seeing humans who so much aligned with my thoughts, feelings, and outlook on not only what birth should be like, but what humanity should be like. As a newly certificated birthworker, I hope to continue to learn from Bebo Mia and spread those lessons specifically to marginalized folx in my own community.

Eventually I would love to connect with a BIPOC midwife and establish a place that really centers on our specific needs. I look forward to being empowered in my own body, forgiving myself for the birthing decisions/non-decisions along my own birthing journeys, and then empowering other birth-givers to do the same.

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