Bekirah Ross Fall 2020 Philanthropy Award Winner



Greetings, everyone! My name is Bekirah, but I am called Cette. When asked where I’m from, as a nomadic woman, my response is usually “I’m from everywhere”. I am a pole dance performer, a pole dance/fitness instructor, and I study foreign languages. I served eight years in the US Army, and for a few years, I worked as a Hospice worker; my role being to support and comfort families and individuals, while I sat bedside with and cared for their loved ones as they transitioned. I’m eager to begin this trod on the opposite side of the spectrum- supporting and comforting families and individuals as they Welcome life.

Before I experienced motherhood myself, I remember watching a couple of documentaries on young girls (commonly victims of toxic child marriages) and women in underdeveloped and underserved countries experiencing pregnancy and labor with no familial support, and no medical access. Because of these factors, too commonly are little girls and women experiencing stillbirths, obstetric fistulas, and being outcast from their communities and villages to make the wounds of those experiences that much deeper. The knowledge was profound for me. But not having a medical degree, I didn’t think I’d be capable of making a difference. I had no knowledge of what a doula was until I became pregnant myself.

I didn’t get the opportunity to have a doula present during my journey, but some of my experiences during labor and postpartum showed me exactly why it’s vital that a birthing woman be supported spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even still postpartum. I had experienced the opposite of what I envisioned for myself except for birthing a healthy child. And traumatic as they may have been, it is how I realized being a doula is my calling. Pair my nomadism with being a doula, and that was my ’’AHA!’’ moment.

Being a doula is a path that will strengthen my purpose, and extend my impact across borders further than what I could fathom. When I trod to other countries, this will be my way of immersing myself in the realism of what we aren’t shown on media screens and giving thanks to the land and habitants of that region. I knew off the top, I wanted my approach to be holistic, and known as a doula available to families with no bias to ethnic, religious, or financial backgrounds, and willing to travel and provide for clients across North America AND internationally. I began researching the process and costs of certification, establishing a timeline, and finding a company to train under that reflected my values. I want to become skilled and knowledgeable in the areas that the medical ‘’professionals’’ I trusted to care for my child and I fell short.

Bebo Mia has options, inclusiveness, and bundles! I’m constantly on the move and a new parent; being in a classroom isn’t conducive… Ah, no stress. The classes are online! And how will I manifest the funds? They even offer installment plans which I still don’t think is a reasonable commitment for me at the moment… And now, I’m here. I applied for one scholarship theme, but the Bebo fam decided I better deserved the Philanthropy Award, and there is no string of words in any language that properly expresses how thankfull (not a typo) and honored I am.

My focus at the moment is continuing to lay my foundation, solidifying my skills, and continuing to progress in mastering language fluency. We have witnessed a rise in immigration, and with this comes people apprehensive and/or unable to seek certain forms of support and assistance, language barriers, and unawareness that maternal support practitioners exist. I will be capable of communicating in Haitian Creole, French, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish when I’m ready to be of service.

As I gain more experience, insight, and make more connections, there are many aspects that I see myself implementing into my business structure. From prenatal and postpartum fitness (including pole fitness to help mothers reignite and maintain their sparks!) to finding other individuals, doula’s, and medical personnel with nomadic spirits or the simple love of travel and humanitarianism, to assist me locally and overseas. I will strongly emphasize balance during every step of my trod as a doula. Giving ’nuff thanks again to the Bebo babes, and the scholarship committee for recognizing my potential!





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