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Holding your new baby, you reflect on the hours you spent in labor. You close your eyes. The waves of feeling wash over you. It is overwhelming. After some time the days take the edge off and yet you are tired. Oh, so tired! You love your little one and yet you thought it would be different. You thought everything would not feel like this.👩🏽‍🍼

You want to do something about this. You are rethinking your life and your career and your experience as a new parent. 

**Becoming a doula.**

It excites you, like a little spark when you first think about it. You get a little wave in your belly…the same feeling like when you first felt your baby move. It is the stirring of a new life. For you. 

How do you become a doula?!

Click below for more information. 

The world needs more doulas. Parents are looking.

This is how we change the world ❤️

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Bianca Sprague Business Consulting



into this field was born from personal challenges; as a new parent grappling with postpartum depression in an unsafe home environment and limited support and resources, she turned to doula training to transform her life. This path led her to create bebo mia, a response to the gap she experienced in her initial training which was only over a weekend, and lacked massive amounts of critical content as well as practical business guidance for doulas. Bianca’s mission extends beyond doula care to teaching effective service business management, encompassing community building, client care, and efficient systems for working parents in the healthcare sector. Her story is one of resilience and empowerment, driving change and support for those navigating the complex journey of birth and parenthood.

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