Scholarship Winner: 5 ways Debra Guenther will advocate as a doula.

For the Fall 2017 Maternal Support Practitioner Program at bebo mia inc we had a record number of scholarship applications submitted! Choosing our winners was incredibly difficult and in the end, we ended up selecting 6 winners. Two of the scholarships were sponsored by amazing female-owned businesses, Hip Mommies & SleepBelt. The other four were…

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A Doula’s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth After Infertility

birth after infertility_bebomia_doulas

  The struggle with infertility can be one of the most challenging (sad, disappointing, traumatic…you name it!) experiences of someone’s life. In fact, research shows that women experiencing infertility have emotional stress levels similar to cancer patients. What doulas, and any person working in the maternal health field need to know is that the thoughts/feelings…

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