A Personal Account of My Fertility Journey and Struggles

fertility journey

    Like a hilarious fertility conversation with your feisty friend who doesn’t give a f*ck. We go forward on fertility journey. Brave stories, hot topics, and #truthbombs that will either balm your soul or light fire to your rage.   This week Bianca chats with Regina Townsend from The Broken Brown Egg about the…

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Fertility Support That Meets Clients Where They’re At

  Before I started co-teaching the bebo mia Fertility Support Course I had always worked one-on-one with individuals living with fertility issues, both as a yoga therapist and a fertility doula.  Inspired by Natasha’s amazing fertility support groups recently decided to launch a Mind-Body-Fertility Support Group on my own here in Brussels. As my course…

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Fertility Doula – What Clients Want

As a doula it is likely you have, or will have, clients who have conceived through fertility treatment. In many ways these clients have pregnancies like any other. Your client may or may not experience morning sickness, may or may not have a specific birth plan, may or may not plan on bodyfeeding, just like…

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Jessica Jardine: MSP Spring 2018 Doula Training Scholarship Winner

Bebo Mia Doula Scholarship Winner Spring 2018

bebo mia’s Spring 2018 Doula Scholarship submissions for the Maternal Support Practitioner Program saw some amazing applicants. We are thrilled to present our winners’ submissions. With the help of some incredible sponsors like Olivia Scobie & Candice Tizzard of Stages Doula, we were able to offer 6 Scholarships to the very first round of our extended version…

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Fertility Specialist Certification – Why I Signed Up

Why MSP grad and owner of Clarity Maternal is enrolled for our next class: Secondary infertility. Those used to be two words that I had never heard of and didn’t understand. I had friends who were trying for a sibling for their child but were unsuccessful over and over again. I couldn’t fully understand why. They’d had a…

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Surprise Pregnancy After Infertility

I gave birth to my first daughter after my several years of infertility. And then 6 years later I had an surprise pregnancy after infertility. I’m going to issue a Trigger Warning before even getting into this story because I know if I had to read a post like this 7 years ago, I would…

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