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Empower your doula journey

Run, do not walk, and register for your doula training! You already are a great resource for your family and friends, now let’s make it official. It sounds like a quality doula training is important to you. Us too! Our doula training is 17 weeks long so you learn everything you need to know to be in a medical profession. At the end of the training you are a certified fertility, birth and postpartum doula. Yup, 3 in 1 for the win!

PLUS we offer:

  • free therapy to our students and alumni, 
  • we have no recertification fees,
  • You have lifelong continuing education from us,
  • We teach you HOW to run a doula business!

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Happy to jump on a call with you! Send us an email [email protected]  While you are waiting for your life-changing doula training to begin, you can listen to our Hot+Brave podcast here!


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