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Informed choice for infant sleep:

A workshop for Birth Workers


what will I learn?

With so many approaches to infant sleep that range from bed-sharing to cry it out, it can be challenging as birth workers to navigate your client's infant sleep questions.

Join Neuroscientist and doula, Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum for this online workshop - Informed Choice for Infant sleep. It’s a widely held misbelief that babies must be trained to sleep and many families are not aware that there are options beyond sleep training. The facts are getting out and a growing number of families are looking for alternatives to sleep training.

The latest neuroscience research reveals that...

supporting infant sleep can tremendously benefit brain development and lifelong health.

We will explore:
  • The latest research on infant sleep and brain development
  • The latest guidelines on sleep safety
  • How to properly prepare clients to support infant sleep

Birth workers support families best when we set them up for evidence-based informed choice and this includes infant sleep and development.