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doulas are being silenced...

We are doing our best to move away from paid Meta (Facebook & Instagram) as they are making ads inaccessible and more importantly, they are silencing folks in reproductive health and justice. They have removed all the special and unique words that shape and define doula work such as home birth, breastfeeding/chestfeeding, water birth, fertility and every other you can think of. We don't want to continue to support that branch of the patriarchy.

So we need to go to the community for bebo mia's mission and sustainability. 

10,000 Doulas...

We have a goal to have 10,000 doulas trained in the next 10 years. We cannot leave families without help, education or care ❤️

We will be able to offer over 2000 scholarship spots for no and low income women and queer folks with this goal!

We also can continue to offer even more programming to our students and alumni.

We can create more jobs and move money into feminist flow.

We can keep doing this important work.

Please help!

  1. Share about the MSP course on your social media channels. Here are some images & copy for you or you can make your own.
    PROTIP: Sign up here for the affiliate program and we send you money as a thank you when folks sign up with your link!
  2. Post in 3 of your local community groups and let them know about the training. These can be parent groups, doula groups, regional groups, hobby groups or faith-based groups... sky is the limit
  3. Post about MSP on Reddit or Quora when folks ask about what doula training to take.
  4. Text your bestie or your sister or cousin about the MSP program, share our link for more info - then they can be your backup... you already know and trust one another.

Email us if you need anything! [email protected]


Your support means so much! Families need us. The bebo mia community needs you. Together we can see the changes we all want so bad for birth and parenting. A million thank yous!

Thank you from all of the

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