Now accepting Scholarship Applications for MSP Spring 2018!!!

doula training scholarship application bebo mia

Some of you have been sharing your Spring anticipation photos on Instagram… watching little shoots of green coming through the ground is exciting and we are living vicariously through anyone who is not shovelling mountains of snow like we are in Toronto. We have to trust that we will see grass again soon. In the…

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Scholarship Winner: A Mama Adding 'Doula' to her Holistic Skills

Hello all! My name is Amber Dawn Tapley and I am the very proud Momma to one very wonderfully exuberant and enthusiastic little guy, Elijah River.  I have been blessed with his presence and I feel the wonder and weight of that every day. I have always been interested in holistic healing methods and am…

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Scholarship Winner: Steps to Motherhood Through Education

Hi, I am Amanda Russell. In my former life, I trained to be a school psychometrist – IQ testing, and  tests for learning disabilities were my forte. Then, in 2004, my sister and brother-in-law invited me to attend the birth of my niece, who was the only survivor of triplets. I fell in love with…

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It's Scholarship Time!

It’s that time of year again, the sweaters are coming out and we are pairing scarves and booties with our jeans. Well, ok that is not happening here in Toronto, we are still sweating away in our tank tops and shorts, but we are getting ready for the Fall programs. That means we have opened…

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It is Doula School Scholarship time!

We are now accepting doula scholarship applications for our Spring 2016 certification! We know that not everyone can afford the education necessary for their dream career. Globally, women, especially women with children in their care, miss out on educational opportunities which could lead to more earning potential. This is something that we are working to…

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What is the Right School for your Kids?

As parents, we want the absolute best for our children. If not ‘the best’, then at least a little more than what we had growing up. For parents with new babies or young toddlers, the thought of searching out the best school may seem a bit premature, but it’s never to early to start researching…

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