Eating solids

The Great Sippy Cup Debate

  As I stand at my counter, painstakingly hand washing the load of sippy cups, a thought came to my mind: “How long should these things even hang around?”  I mean, some of them have nooks and crannies that even the best dishwasher just cannot reach.  When each new addition joined our family (referring to the cups)…

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Top Ten Foods for Any Eater…Even the Super Picky!

As a thank you for all your support of bebo mia this year, and in honour of reaching 400 Likes on our Facebook page, here’s our Top Ten Foods to inspire you for meals and snacks your child will love! Top Ten Foods for Any Eater…Even the Super Picky! If you have questions on food…

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Introducing Solids

With my background in Holistic Nutrition, I understood the importance of delaying the introduction of solids with my son. Elliot was 10 lbs at birth, and had breastfed to 14.7 lbs by 7 weeks – he’s a solid little boy! From a very early age, Elliot was joining us, in arms, at the table for…

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