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Baby led weaning

It's Time to Talk About Parent Sleep

Social media platforms, especially the vortex better known as a Facebook support group, have given (new) parents an opportunity to share their experiences, challenges, and resources in a way that would have been unfathomable in past generations. When baby insomnia a sleep regression strikes we are able to find support and #solidarity with just a few clicks,…

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FEATURED DOULA! Boobs and Babies: That’s Why I Have Two

My Boobs, My Babies Here’s the thing, I never intended to breastfeed one child past a year, let alone two at one time, but as soon as I became a mother to my first son, I knew our breastfeeding journey would last for what feels like a life time.   My boys, Nolan and Cody,…

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Toddler Nursing…Oh so sweet!

I had every intention of beginning to type this blog with two hands.  Computer ready, tea made and a toddler happily busy with her Duplo, I sat down in anticipation of a few moments of quality writing time.  However, an empty, available lap proved far more tempting than a few plastic blocks and before I…

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Introducing Solids

With my background in Holistic Nutrition, I understood the importance of delaying the introduction of solids with my son. Elliot was 10 lbs at birth, and had breastfed to 14.7 lbs by 7 weeks – he’s a solid little boy! From a very early age, Elliot was joining us, in arms, at the table for…

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