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One of the keys to finding yourself again after having babies is through growing your is community. 

I will make sure you have a plan that is achievable to grow your mom friend network to really start filling your cup.

Now, this is something that we talk about in our doula training so that our students can start meeting other like minded folks all while creating a revenue stream from the fulfilling work of a doula. There are some keys we talked about on the podcast. 

  • The trap (and mean behavior) of social media groups. 
  • The trap of un-boundaried invisible labor.
  • The trap of not having enough support.

How can you avoid these traps and how did you do with meeting some folks offline?

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The key way that I made friends, found clients, grew my business and found myself as something more than 'Gray's Mom' was through building my doula practice. I could work from home. Gray was with me. And I mode over $50K in my first year!

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Bianca Sprague Business Consulting



into this field was born from personal challenges; as a new parent grappling with postpartum depression in an unsafe home environment and limited support and resources, she turned to doula training to transform her life. This path led her to create bebo mia, a response to the gap she experienced in her initial training which was only over a weekend, and lacked massive amounts of critical content as well as practical business guidance for doulas. Bianca’s mission extends beyond doula care to teaching effective service business management, encompassing community building, client care, and efficient systems for working parents in the healthcare sector. Her story is one of resilience and empowerment, driving change and support for those navigating the complex journey of birth and parenthood.

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