Bliss in Business


Your future is created by what you do today — that's why we created a completely FREE mindset mini-course to help doulas and birth workers find bliss in their business!


but.... why?

Do any of the following statements ring true?

  • You have too much on your plate.
  • You parent alone most of the time.
  • There never seems like enough money.
  • You look around your world and feel overwhelmed.

Now imagine...

What it would feel like to step into running the business that you have been envisioning for yourself. A business that works for you, supports you, provides financial freedom and more time with your family.


That you finally did what you keep saying you want to do.

That you overcame that "thing" that has been holding you back.

How great would that feel?

*This is where you yell, "So freakin' incredible!" at your screen!*

And here's why we're doing this...

It's really quite simple. This is how we continue to build community and support others. We want you to succeed. Period. Absolutely no catch.

Here's how our #bliss in business retreat

will work...
We've created an extra special online space just for YOU.

This complimentary mini-course will teach you to tap into your intuition & power to take you from feeling stuck to getting everything done!

When you register you will get access to 4 LIVE & ONLINE mini-lessons taking place on October 15, 17, 22 & 24 at 1 PM EST. Each lesson will run for approximately 15 - 20 minutes with the opportunity to ask questions in the live class too!

Can't make it live?! Don't worry, we'll send you the recording so you can access these lessons later on.

That's pretty much it.

Ok fine, we lied... we also made a super cute workbook for you to download, print and take notes in.

Annndddd there's some super duper light homework. The hardest part is committing to show up and then actually showing up. Isn't it always?!

So, in short, once you've registered we'll make sure everything you need is delivered RIGHT to your inbox.
Feel your