Day 4 - Promotion

Let's put it all together!

  • You will have to keep super sleuthing and use your previous clients actual words!
  • Get clear on the 4S's of consultations (these will be really helpful)
  • Get your spot in Doula Business School - it is less than $100!!
bebo mia doula business prep school

" So many good things have been happening since this training with Bianca! Just this week alone we have signed 3 doula clients, two encapsulation and a pool rental! Plus set up a couple events, rented a space for classes and started advertising for our prenatal crash course that begins soon! Eek! This year is going to be a busy year if this keeps up, thanks for all the help Bianca and of course everyone else in the community! "

Amanda Wiebe, Yellow Bird Birth

"Ladies I took this advice and changed my "About Me" section on my website and it has brought me clients. Honestly I did not know small changes were going to have such a huge impact!

I only have you both to thank. I still have a lot of work to do but it's exciting! Two clients booked already!"

Laura MacDougall

" Man, I never would have thought about my target market and my message in that way! You are a genius, I am truly so grateful for your insight and guidance!

Thank you, you gals are the best!!!! "

Meg Kant, The Blissful Doula

"Everyone is so supportive and invested in our individual success. This is one of the best courses I've ever taken."

Keema Pettigrew