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Infant + Family Sleep Specialist Certification

join us for the nurtured sleep revolution


There is so much information available for parents when it comes to their infants sleep it can feel overwhelming.

It can be hard to navigate the different options for infant sleep, while factoring in what works best for babies, parents and the family as a whole. This course is designed to help you provide evidence based information that takes into account the biological and developmental needs of infants and families. Families are looking for alternatives to sleep training, and this course will teach you all about them!


A Neuroscience, Attachment & Mental Health Informed APPROACH TO INFANT SLEEP!

Our Infant + Family Sleep Specialist Certification is here to change this conversation by offering the first of its kind, evidence-based, science-informed infant sleep curriculum developed and facilitated by neuroscientist, Greer Kirshenbaum PhD, who specializes in brain health, emotional health and mental health.

A neuroscience revolution has occurred in the past 20 years, recognizing that a tremendous part of mental health is built from conception to age 3 - the infant years. When we nurture infants and work with their biology we promote all of the things we wish for our children: lifelong resilience, healthy relationships, intelligence, curiosity, confidence, and self-worth.

As an Infant + Family Sleep Specialist, you will not be learning how to shape new babies to fit into lives and schedules. Instead, you will be learning the science behind infant/maternal sleep and with this information, the tools needed to create balance and support for your clients around those facts.


How do we, as health professionals, normalize infant sleep biology while fostering healthy and safe sleep habits for the entire family? We change the conversation, we change the expectations, we get creative with accessing support.

About bebo mia’s

Workshop Collaborators Headshots

Kirshenbaum Phd

aka the Neuroscientist Doula, is on a mission to revolutionize the future of health by communicating scientific research. Greer wants families and perinatal practitioners to understand how caregivers can boost success, thriving and flourishing and diminish poor health, depression, anxiety and addiction in adulthood...

 by shaping babies’ brains through simple intuitive enriching experiences in pregnancy, birth and infancy. Greer teaches courses, holds workshops, provides consultations in pregnancy and infancy and is a birth and postpartum doula.

Greer worked in neurobiology laboratories for over 15 years studying how genetics and experience shape the emotional brain and influence lifelong mental and physical health. She has published numerous academic research articles and received many awards. Greer has a BSc in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University, a PhD in Neuroscience and Medical Science from the University of Toronto and worked for several years as a postdoctoral research fellow and assistant professor at Columbia University.

Bianca Sprague

Bianca Sprague

Founder of bebo mia inc., Bianca will be co-facilitating this program, bringing 15+ years of experience working with parents and new babies. As a health professional, she noticed a trend; her clients were obsessed with their newborns’ sleep and were struggling to find answers to their most-obsessed-over sleep questions.

Bianca feels especially passionate about creating access to quality pre & postnatal care for marginalized communities. She is an advocate for mental wellness for the entire family, and especially for the birthing parent, after suffering from PPD in silence and losing her father to suicide in 2012. She recognizes the barriers put in place for female entrepreneurs and believes that understanding the evolving online space can even the playing field for women in business.



Michelle is an Birth Worker with a deep love for supporting parenting and professionals through education. After years of chronic health issues and deeper research into holistic living, a passion for supporting parents turned into a lifelong career and dream. After experiencing medical bias, coercion, and trauma she is the parent of a special needs kiddo plus twins! As bebo mia's resident nerd, and community giggler, Michelle has a deep connection to teach and inspire. MSP Alumni and ISE Alumni!


Meg Kant

Meg Kant is a birth worker, parent and ISE alumni. In addition to her MSP certification, Meg also has her Hons. Degree in Psychology. She has been providing supporting families for over 6 years and specializes in supporting parents who have or are at high risk of developing a perinatal mood disorder as well as those who have experienced a pregnancy loss. Meg feels very passionate about biological infant sleep. She wholeheartedly believes that getting evidence based information +  genuine support for parents can change the world. 

Bianca feels especially passionate about creating access to quality pre & postnatal care for marginalized communities. She is an advocate for mental wellness for the entire family, and especially for the birthing parent, after suffering from PPD in silence and losing her father to suicide in 2012. She recognizes the barriers put in place for female entrepreneurs and believes that understanding the evolving online space can even the playing field for women in business.

What to

When we first began sleep education, clients were coming to us exhausted and overwhelmed.

They felt like bad parents because their baby wasn't a 'good' baby that slept through the night. Or they were told they created bad habits and dependent children. Many of them turned to sleep training books or experts, even though the advice they were hearing didn't feel right for them and their family.

In this certification we debunk many of the myths circulating around infant sleep. We understand the importance of listening to our infants’, and our parental, instincts both day and night. We will learn how the infant brain grows and how its development flourishes in nurturing relationships.


In this Certification

You Will Learn:
  • There are many ways to support infant sleep, maternal sleep and family sleep. There is another option for your clients outside of cry it out , and you will have the science and evidence based research to back it up.
  • The biology of sleep in infants and adults - how sleep develops and what brain areas produce sleep.
  • How parenting, daytime and nighttime, influence attachment, infant mental health and brain development.
  • To tackle the big questions like putting a baby to sleep, night wakings, early rising, naps, night weaning, transitioning babies to their own room and parents’ needs.
  • How infant and adult sleep differ and how to create realistic expectations for infant naps and sleep based on biological norms and brain development.
  • How sleep training might put brain development and mind body health at risk; while sleep promoting and supporting methods nurture brain development and mind-body health.
  • A spectrum of nurturing techniques to promote and support sleep in infants.
  • Communication techniques to meaningfully listen to, understand and support caregivers.
  • To create science-informed and wholistic personalized plans to support infant and family sleep.
  • How to work through sleep disruptions and imbalance when postpartum mood disorders are part of the equation
  • To facilitate group prenatal education programs on the art & science of infant sleep.
What's inside?
Sleep Module 12

Module 1

The Life-Changing Role of Infant Sleep Educators

Sleep Module 11

Module 2

The Neuroscience of Infant Brain Development - Early life experience

Sleep Module 10

Module 3

Parenting and Caregiver-Infant Relationships

Sleep Module 9

Module 4

The Neuroscience and Physiology of Infant Sleep 

Sleep Module 8

Module 5

Feeding and Infant Sleep


Sleep Module 7

Module 6

Infant Sleep Safety and Guidlines

Sleep Module 6

Module 7

The Art of Nurtured Infant Sleep and Family Mental Wellness

Sleep Module 5

Module 8

Infant Sleep Educator Approach to Infant Sleep - Intro to Coaching

Sleep Module 4

Module 9


Sleep Module 3

Module 10

Sleep Coaching Tools  and Immediate/Emergency Care

Sleep Module 2

Module 11

Case Studies - Client Care Practice

Sleep Module 1

Module 12

Infant Sleep Education and Business - Prenatal Education Program

What does the

training include?
  • 12 live training classes, replays included
  • 12 modules and workbooks
  • Guided case sturdy coaching sessions
  • Guest talks with industry leaders
  • Consultation/family plan packages
  • Fully customizable course curriculum for prenatal education classes, including a complete slide deck
  • Business training to help you market your Infant Sleep specialty to those who need it (everyone!)

Product Description


Flexible & Accessible

This program is taught live and online. This means you can do the course anytime. Anywhere. You can login and catch the class broadcasted live or you can watch the recordings from your private online classroom when you have time to fit it in. Yes, that means no childcare costs and you can even do the whole course in your PJs! You will have lifetime access to the training, so you can complete it as it fits into your life.



We will meet live and online on a weekly basis for an interactive, workshop style training session that includes discussion, Q&A, presentations and guest speakers. Can’t make it to the live class? No worries, you can listen to the recording when it works best for you.


Learning between classes

Learning continues during the week in your private support group where we will discuss, research, and practice our teaching skills. Each module includes: videos, module manual, worksheets, and weekly practice/research assignment that can be discussed in your private group!


Ongoing Mentorship

Access to your support group continues long after your training is complete. Your instructors and cohort will be there for you as you complete your certification and take your first steps as an Infant Sleep Educator.


Business Support

Growing a successful ISE business also requires the business knowledge and skills to get your message out there where clients can find you and connect with you. We want you to feel 100% supported as you start your business, and that’s exactly why we’ve built business support into this training. You will leave feeling confident in growing your business and marketing your ISE services without feeling yucky!


"This infant sleep educator training to me was a doorway into manyopportunities to learn about neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and many different parenting styles and of course infant sleep.  This is putting the evidence behind our words and learning science and neurological development of infants that was something I felt was missing.  The manual, live training, and extra videos are created nicely that benefited me together and separately.  I love the many resources we have for parents and concrete steps in coaching.  I can use the information on coaching within my doula practices, espe

cially fertility.  Greer has been available to us for all the questions and so supportive.  The mission for this course has been shared with many parents who have been touchedby the words written in our manual and it helps lead us as infant sleep educators.  Also, the community of students has been amazing, we have all connected and will continue to connect with each other.  One of the reasons I love taking Bebo Mia courses is for the community.  A fire has been lit for all of us and I can’t wait to see how we all start to change society."

Quanisha McGruder
Butterfly Rose Village

"This past month I was asked to give a talk to a mother's group on infant sleep. Having taken the Infant Sleep Educator training course through Bebo Mia made it SOOOO EASY, despite the fact that public speaking is waaay outside my comfort zone. The fact that I ALREADY had a presentation was awesome and having a complete powerpoint to start with made it possible for me to feel good about doing this talk and approach it with confidence. It was done before I even started! It really helped to not have to go through all the technology stuff, and writing the content and upload things etc etc. It freed me up to think about how to make it my own, how to make it meaningful for this group and for me. I had all the modules to refer to, I had my notes from the videos and it was a simple and stress free experience to prepare for this talk. This EASY prep for the talk really allowed me to be really present for the presentation and it was easy to flow though it and add my own personality and philosophy and say the things or to share my message about sleep. It was a great experience and certainly a big win and I have to say it made the idea of presenting very accessible and actually helped make this milestone of public speaking about sleep and parenting a possibility for me! The way this course has been delivered and presented and the tools it gave us - TOTALLY MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN MY ROCKING IT! Thank you for this course - its has really brought so very much to me."

Kimberley Stanley

“The Infant Sleep Educator Certification course is the missing piece in parental education. It provides new parents with researched based information and gives them the permission to follow their instincts in honouring their babies needs, while harmonizing their own sleep needs. Bianca, Natasha and Brandie deliver the content in a fun, exuberant way in which you really feel as though you are sitting around a coffee table with them. Having a module delivered once a week allowed me to continue being present with my 3 children as well as continuing to propel my own doula business forward. The Facebook group is often bumping with thought provoking posts and enlightening discussions, and our facilitators are always actively posting and answering questions sometimes within minutes of being posted. I felt well supported throughout the program and I am confident in my role as an infant sleep educator to the families that I will serve.”

Serene Pierce

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course, most of all because of the structure. Whether you are a busy professional, a tired new parent, or perhaps both, the design of this course makes it possible to put down and pick up in those little pockets of time found between other obligations. The content is easy to follow and the group discussions in the Facebook group help to apply that knowledge to practical examples or situations. I hope this approach continues to spread and sleep education begins to overshadow sleep training. I am looking forward to working with families, empowering them with knowledge and supporting them in their challenges with sleep. "

Becky Soehner

The Dream On course was amazing. Not only for my own Doula Practice but for being a mother. Learning about the importance of attachment science and brain development, as well as tools to help babies and families get more sleep has been invaluable. The flexibility of the course has allowed me to do it at my own pace, to fit it in with the business of life. Bianca, Natasha and Brandie are hilarious and knowledgeable, this is the second Bebo Mia course I have taken and I am always impressed by the depth of information and the hands on help.

Erin Garden

“Oh man! What a game changer!

These ladies are incredibly professional and inspiring, they are SO FUNNY and friendly. Their approach to success is based on excellence, hard work, and kindness, never competition or nastiness.

They walked me (and continue to do so) through every step of the way so that I could see my business thrive. Don’t miss the chance to work with these badass, inspiring women!”

Marissa Bolanos


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  • Flexible & Accessible
  • LIVE & Online Weekly Classes
  • Replays Added to Private Training Site
  • Learning/Discussions Between Classes
  • Ongoing Mentorship

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Our Guarantee

When you train with bebo mia you access a critical path that creates hope for better birth experiences for everyone.