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Grow Your Immunity Naturally with Holistic Health Expert Amy Rempel

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Here at bebo mia we are constantly looking for ways to incorporate expert knowledge in a fun and meaningful way so that we can take the best care of ourselves, our communities and our clients!

We are so pleased to introduce you to Holistic Health Expert, Amy Rempel, who is going to share her acquired wisdom on growing your immunity!

Protecting pregnant people and everyone else around you from sickness is very important, especially during the winter months. You need to stay healthy for your clients, yourself and your family (however you define family!). Working with a lot of caregivers, I have seen first hand the effectiveness of natural solutions; mainly through essential oils and supplements. As an Aromatherapist, choosing the best essential oil was crucial. From my research and testing them out on myself and my family, I am happy to say, I have found the ONE. Of course, there are other steps to take to keep your immunity strong, so I will touch on each one below.

Essential Oils

I decided to do a little experiment before I would recommend or even claim that essential oils worked with colds and so it took me a few months to complete this. Our household uses a doTERRA blend called On Guard and each time someone got sick, the sickness stopped at them. This happened 5 times in a row! It is safe to say my experiment was a success! On Guard can be taken internally/orally, rolled along your spine to help kill bad bacteria and put in a diffuser to help kill airborne pathogens. It is a very strong antibacterial oil so you can make household cleaners with it too. If you are using a different essential oil brand, please read the label before you use them, as not every oil is safe to ingest. You also want to make sure you can access their third party test results if you are able to ingest it. If you cannot find the published test results, I would not recommend taking internally. Other essential oils that work for immune boosting and contain antibacterial properties would be: Arborvitae, Easy Air, Tea Tree and Wild Orange.


Most of us know to eat well but in the winter it can be more difficult ’cause let’s face it; comfort food is the BEST. For myself, I find it difficult to eat salads in the winter because it is a cold meal. So a great idea is to make a salad as a soup, which just means making a hearty vegetable soup. This is such an easy and warm solution.

Vegetable Soup:

In a large soup pot with your stove set to medium, add some olive oil and sautée garlic, onion, carrots, zucchini (pretty much any vegetable you like and does well sautéed). Then add about 4 to 6 cups of water or liquid broth (organic would be best) and turn up the stove to high and bring to a boil. Once it is boiled you can add 2 to 3 bouillon cubes (if you’re not using liquid broth) and stir. If you would like some protein, add a can of organic black beans, just be sure to drain and rinse them. Once the vegetables are soft you can add in kale or spinach. Once those are wilted down and cooked, the soup is ready to eat. This is also great as leftovers for lunch!

If you find you have some gaps in your nutrition, I would highly suggest good quality supplements. I would recommend one that has your essential vitamins and minerals (make sure Vitamin D is included – especially if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere!), Omegas, and one that can help with cellular health and energy. I have had great success with doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack (no more hay fever so stronger autoimmune system for me!!) but you can also check your local health food store to see what they have. But make sure they are of high quality. I want these to actually help you!

Gut Health

This has to be the most important part of our entire system as this houses a lot of different health priorities. Today I’m only writing about immunity and gut health is EXTREMELY important in keeping our immune system strong. The best way to do this is through fermented foods and taking pre- and probiotics. We need to make sure our gut has good bacteria so the bad bacteria does not have a chance to grow and cause sickness. I use the doTERRA DigestZen PB Assist +. It contains pre and probiotics and comes double encapsulated so it is time released and won’t be destroyed immediately by stomach acid. You can also find high quality pre and probiotics at your local health food store and even in some grocery stores now.

Stress and Sleep

Keeping stress to a minimum and getting a good night’s sleep is the ultimate way to keep your immunity strong, but also the most difficult to maintain. If you do use essential oils, take a moment once or twice a day to inhale something like Lavender, doTERRA Balance or Wild Orange. This will help bring your blood pressure down, calm your system and can be accomplished in under one minute. For those days you have some more time, an epsom salt bath with lavender oil is extremely soothing and will also help you get a good night sleep – and ok fine, here comes the eye roll with finding time for a bath. I totally get it! You’d be surprised at the things you can fit into your day. Multi-task! Run the bath while you put your little(s) to bed and a 10-15 minute soak can be transformative; especially for your back!

If you’re like me and have a mind that won’t quit at bedtime, taking doTERRA Vetiver oil internally has helped me immensely! It is very calming for the mind. And yes, it’s true, I’ve become a HUGE fan of the healing experiences I have found through essential oils and doTERRA. I encourage you to go out and try different brands of oils, supplements and even produce (different farms will yield different tastes!) to find what works best for your body.

Here’s to a healthier winter season!

Amy Rempel is married to her childhood crush, is a busy mom of two kids and currently runs two businesses: a holistic health business and an online retail store. She is an actress in her community & a volunteer at her kids school. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, is a Certified Exercise Nutritional Advisor, a best selling author, an Aromatherapist and a Reiki practitioner.  

Amy is a well versed entrepreneur with 15 years of experience of successfully running a business. She also teaches & mentors women who are looking to add a sustainable business model to their current company utilizing essential oils to further their purpose. This is through a 1 day workshop she holds every few months in Toronto. For more information please go to or email: You can also follow Amy on IG: @rempel.amy




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