Don't Doula-it-Yourself Business Membership

Grow your business with expert-level support and mentorship!


Many doulas and birth workers leave their training thinking ‘now what?’. They are excited to start the work and have NO idea how to get clients! It can be a huge surprise to find out that becoming a birth worker means you must also become an entrepreneur. It can feel overwhelming to think about organizing your business, setting up a website, calculating finances, and marketing to potential clients.

It is our mission as an organization to connect women* to their intrinsic value and power.

What does this mean for you as a new business owner? We want to remove your overwhelm and give you the processes and plans needed to start and grow a business that works for you! A business that supports you. A business that fits into your life. We want to share our wisdom & knowledge with you after being where you were once so that you don’t have to feel alone or unsuccessful. We’ve taken all of the guesswork out for you. And we want you to be able to do this with a community of other amazing birth workers cheering you on.

This mentorship is for you if you want to build a serious doula business.

You do not have to doula this alone, we are with you every step of the way!

Just by signing up for the DDIY membership you are making the three biggest (and often overlooked) steps towards a thriving business:

  • Hiring your own business coach (at a wildly affordable rate - how very smart & efficient of you).
  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals
  • Removing the guesswork surrounding the logistics of how to launch and/or run your business.

Just imagine having…

  • clear cut systems for client intakes and interviews
  • simple business planning tools & budgets
  • a plan that recognizes that work and life are not going to be balanced all the time, and that’s perfectly ok!
  • a brand that showcases your value and attracts your perfect client
  • an easy to follow marketing plan that truly works
  • a website that compels your ideal client to contact you
  • the confidence to charge what you are worth without feeling ‘yucky’
  • a consistent income (you can even get paid while you sleep!)
  • 100% support and guidance as you create systems and build your business
  • The knowledge that you are using an anti-oppressive and feminist-informed lens to build a business that supports the values of you, your family and your clients.

Our Don’t Doula-It-Yourself Business Membership has been designed specifically for the purpose of taking away the overwhelm in your business so you can grow, thrive and make a difference!

Why we created this

Business Mentorship

The bebo mia founders remember having the exact same feelings when they left their doula training. Bianca: "We felt isolated, confused, alone and scared. All we wanted was someone to take us by the hand and show us the steps we needed to take to get our business off the ground. We reached out to so many seasoned doulas but very few were willing to share their hard earned secrets."

Natasha: "Now, over a decade later we love working on our business. We grew from having next to nothing to: running a thriving doula agency, owning one of Canada’s first Pre/Postnatal Fitness Companies, and started our own Doula Certification Program with a growing team of amazing and diverse instructors."

Bianca: "Somewhere along the way new doulas started asking us about getting their business started and a lightbulb went off. WE could be that helping hand for others that we truly needed all those years ago. Not only that, but we flippin’ love watching new doulas and birth professionals thrive without having to go through the messy start."


Product Description


Flexible & Accessible

All of our DDIY workshops are taught online and recorded for you, which means you can learn anytime, anywhere. You can start with the basics if you are a new business owner, or you can take the advanced route if you are a seasoned birth worker and/or business owner.


Monthly Masterclasses

Each month we meet live and online for a masterclass based on the needs and feedback of our community. We dive deep into important business topics and we also host special guest speakers to keep you inspired to work on your business. Can’t make it to the live class? No worries, you can listen to the recording when it works best for you.


Monthly Q&A's

Each month we jump on a live call to support each other through specific questions/issues that are happening in your business. Not only do you have the input of your instructors but from other doulas who have likely been through and learned from similar situations. Any and all questions are welcome!


24/7 Access

Support and mentorship continues in your private support group where your entire DDIY community is there to guide you and cheer you on along the way. Remember, we created this membership so that you would not have to do this alone!


what's inside

the Membership

Not only do you have access to everything listed above, we have an entire series of videos that serves as an exceptional foundational training built into your membership!


Workshop 1

Mission & Vision & Business Plan


Workshop 2

Business Basics


Workshop 3

Goal Setting & Strategy


Workshop 4

Working Environment


Workshop 5



Workshop 6

Money Basics


Workshop 7

Websites that Work


Workshop 8

Marketing 101


Workshop 9

Social Media


Workshop 10

Creating Packages - The VIP package


Access to live monthly master classes, Q&A's, and special guest speakers, and the replays (in case you miss them live!)

We cover topics from Facebook Groups to Webinars and everything in between. The membership is 100% tailored to meet the needs of the group!


Don't Doula-it-Yourself Business Membership

$19.00 / month USD

We know the perceived barriers that doulas communicate: lack of time, on-call schedules, and limited budgets. We created our Don’t Doula-It-Yourself Business Membership with these things in mind. Accessing the Business Membership fits into your schedule, it’s easy to participate on your own time, and most of all, it’s SUPER affordable. This membership gives you the hand holding (and cheerleading!) you need to feel confident in your business. Sign up here for the most affordable, fun and effective business coaching in the world!


Our Guarantee

We promise that this comprehensive training process will not only set you up for a successful and meaningful career as a doula, it will positively impact your healing and growth journey as an individual. When you train with bebo mia you gain a path to financial independence and create hope for better birth experiences for everyone.


"So many good things have been happening since training with bebo mia! Just this week alone we have signed 3 doula clients, two encapsulation and a pool rental! Plus set up a couple events, rented a space for classes and started advertising for our prenatal crash course that begins soon! Eek! This is going to be a busy year if this keeps up, thanks for all the help from my instructors and of course everyone else in the community! "

Amanda Wiebe, Yellow Bird Birth

"I am very careful of where I spend my money. And never recommend anyone unless I am 100 percent satisfied. Not even if I was 99 percent. You ladies have skill no one else can or will ever compare to. There is no competition. You are the competition hands down. But you know that. I know you do. I am just making your head bigger!"

Laura MacDougall

I was just lost. I had no idea how to start to build a successful career & business. I know now I had no focus, lacked knowledge on how to market, and didn't know what systems I needed.

This course ended up being the best investment I've made in my business this far! You ladies are so authentic, transparent, and giving. Loved Loved Loved this course! So blessed by all the knowledge and creativity and support. You guys doula-ed me through the business essentials!

Jarriel Campbell

 Wanting to share my excitement. was just doing some book keeping and in 2016 (so only 3 months) My company has already made more than it did all last year! This is shocking to me but I am ecstatic. Hard work really pays off and I really have to thank the instructors for answering my 101 questions all the time and of course for always giving great advice!

Samantha Garcia Gagnon, The Maya’s Nest