Placenta encapsulation

You’ll never believe what she does for a living!

“So, Emily.  What do you do for work?” Depending on where I am, who I am speaking with, and my level of patience at the time, the answer to this question can take many forms.  My husband is in the academic world so typically the inquirer is himself (sometimes herself) a student of philosophy.  In…

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Heather's Birth Story

It’s a GIRL! End of story. Just kidding – I will elaborate, as I’m sure many of you are curious and it’s a wonderful story that I’ve been looking forward to sharing. I will preface the story with her name: Coral Beverly Poppy Jones. ‘Coral’ has been on our list for 5 years now as…

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On Eating My Placenta – Seriously!

It’s become a bit of a party trick – not eating my placenta – but rather showing off my prints, dehydrated artwork and capsules that were produced as a result of my placenta encapsulation. It was during a conversation with my birth doula, Bianca Sprague, that the subject was initially raised. We were discussing the…

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