make an extra $3000 a month with our 4 month program - Home Title


make an extra $3000 a month with our 4 month program - Home Title (1)

Every day you are dreading the idea of going back to work, or you are back at work after having a baby and HATING your job. You want a career that works for your life without sacrificing your family. 

We get it 100%. 


What if we told you there was a career option that was not only flexible but would allow you the opportunity to schedule it around your own life? 

  • A career where you could be your own boss 
  • A career that would not only make money but make a difference in people’s lives


We’ve got you covered. 


A career as a doula is the job you’ve been dreaming of, and we have put together a webinar to give you all the details you need.


Does this scenario sound familiar?

You are racking your brain trying to figure out how to balance work and family life and it feels like none of the career options you have considered are going to work for you. 


But you are still waking up dreading the idea of going back to work and having to spend so much money on daycare and be away from home. 


You do not have to compromise on feeling like a good parent, so you can do your job. You can be home with the kids, work and do a great job.

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Meet Meg!

Meg had recently had a baby and was already dreading the idea of going back to her 9-5 job and putting her son in daycare. 

She stumbled onto the bebo mia website, signed up for a free webinar, and joined the program all within the span of a day! It felt like everything had lined up and really fallen into place for her and her family. 

Meg could have never imagined what would happen next. Not only did Meg start her own doula business, and support tons of families in her community. But she got so busy she launched a doula collective/agency incorporating other team members including doula’s, and therapists, and offering sleep support. 

In her 3rd year of business she was even nominated for a Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, after having ZERO business know-how before starting her business.

Meg Kant circle

The best part… she never went back to a 9-5 job and has been working (and teaching) in reproductive health for close to a decade!

How it all started

This is bianca →

Bianca started bebo mia because she needed to make money, and fast. She had a brand new baby, was living in domestic violence and wanted to get the heck out of her home. She wanted a career where she could make a difference, make money and still take care of her daughter; enter doula work. 


Bianca hit the ground running as a doula, and started taking clients right away, working from home all while having her daughter home with her, and her business started to grow right away. 


In this webinar, we will walk you through how Bianca set herself up for success and created a thriving, lucrative doula business.


Bianca 2018 Workaround

We cannot wait to hang out with you, sign up below and save your spot!

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